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Additional Services Offered ~ Supervision, FBA, & Professional Development & Training

RBT Supervision

Hands-On Supervision with Demonstration & Direct Feedback

Monthly group and individual supervision will:

  • Train staff on areas of competencies to maintain certification

  • Equip your staff with the skills to identify and respond to crisis situations

  • Teach RBTs to apply behavioral principles to decrease target behaviors

  • Build skills for assisting administrators, school staff, and others when challenging behaviors arise

Beyond providing the required monthly supervision for Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), we also provide training to advance your staff's skillsets for:

  • De-escalating clients and assessing for safety, ensuring your staff feels safe working with challenging behaviors

  • Implementing behavior plans with a high level of integrity

  • Fostering positive interactions with clients to decrease challenging behaviors

Our focus on confidence, competency, and safety will effectively increase job satisfaction and performance for your staff.​

Online RBT supervision and demonstration provided by BCBA, Gilda Panales
BCBA providing functional behavior assessment for organizations and individuals nationwide

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

A defensible FBA with all pertinent information to reduce target behaviors and teach replacement behaviors.

Work with an experienced Board-Certified Behavior Analyst who specializes in intensive behavioral support. Gilda will perform a Functional Behavior Assessment to: 

  • Identify target behaviors and the equivalent functional replacement behaviors 

  • Identify deficits and skills for the client to guide recommendations

  • Identify barriers within the environment that prevent progress

  • Identify skills and behavioral strategies for staff to support the effective implementation of behavior plans 

  • Provide recommendations for a positive behavior plan to reduce target behaviors

  • Provide tools for administrators and supervisors to assess and monitor behavior plans with high treatment integrity

The Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) will include the following: 

  • Indirect Assessments: Indirect tools to assess function of behaviors including interviews with staff and/or caregivers

  • Descriptive Assessments: observations at multiple settings/times

  • Direct Client Observations

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Records Review

  • Preference Assessment

  • Functional Analysis

  • Skill Assessment


Following the assessment, a written report will be provided with the following: 

  • Individualized behavior plan with proactive/reactive strategies and crisis protocol

  • List of challenging behaviors and their functions

  • Analysis of the behavior (identify what currently triggers and/or motivates the challenging behaviors)

  • Target replacement behaviors with step-by-step strategies to teach those behaviors

  • A recommendation of trainings that staff/caregivers need to implement the behavior plan with fidelity

  • Identification of skills that the client needs to acquire

  • Research based behavior interventions


Professional Development for Teachers & School Personnel

Behavior Management •  Social-Emotional Development • Special Education

Our trainings and workshops are grounded in research and designed to be user-friendly for educators and school staff. They can be conducted either in-person or remotely for convenience. Participants will receive resources that can be implemented immediately after the training, as well as a certificate of completion to satisfy their yearly units.

Gilda Panales, M.S., BCBA/OBM, provides onsite and online trainings on topics such as:​

  • Introduction to behavior management

  • Classroom management

  • Trauma-informed response and care

  • Crisis responses, intervention, and emergency plans

  • Creating positive classroom environments

  • Behavior management in the early intervention population

Click here to download our PDF with more information about our trainings.

Group home staff participating in social-emotional and behavior training to learn how to reduce challenging behaviors of residents

Individualized Group Sessions for Parents: Effective Behavioral Strategies for Families

Our series of parent training sessions are designed to provide families with practical and effective behavioral strategies. These sessions focus on teaching families about how their children develop behaviors, and how these behaviors are influenced and maintained by their daily care. Our training plan can be customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of each family.

Gilda Panales, M.S., BCBA/OBM, provides in-person and online trainings on topics such as:​

  • Tips on how to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere in the home

  • Strategies for encouraging age-appropriate independence and responsibility in children

  • Promoting resilience and coping skills in children to help them deal with life's challenges

  • Understanding and managing sibling relationships and dynamics within the family

  • The importance of healthy sleep routines and establishing effective daily routines

  • Teaching children about personal safety, setting boundaries, and recognizing potential dangers

  • Guidance on addressing and preventing bullying and fostering healthy peer relationships

  • Exploring different parenting styles (e.g., authoritative, permissive, etc.) and their impact on behavior

  • Helping children recognize and manage their emotions

Click here to download our PDF with more information about our trainings.

Leadership and Supervisory Trainings

Behavior Specialist Services provides businesses, organizations, and industries with training to teach essential skills of effective management. The goal of the training is to enable managers to acquire skills that will allow them to expand their scope of work and enhance the competence of the staff under their supervision.

Gilda Panales, M.S., BCBA/OBM, provides onsite and online trainings on topics such as:​

  • Delegation and supervision

  • Effective time management

  • Leadership and organizational culture

  • Enhancing performance through effective communication

  • Training and development strategies

  • Health and wellness in the workplace

  • Goal setting for success

  • Mastering performance feedback

  • The power of active listening

  • Conducting productive and efficient meetings

Click here to download our PDF with more information about our trainings.

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